My email to the Car Talk guys

Dear Tom and Ray (particularly Tom),

I write to you today from Hartford, Connecticut. Yes, you read that correctly. Hartford. The city you referred to in a recent show (#1043) as a “pit” with no potential. No one ever complains? Well, here’s your first complaint. I come into this city every day, by choice. In fact, I was gainfully employed in Virginia and was excited to leave there to return to Connecticut. Hartford is beautiful and has just as much history as Boston. We have museums, parks, a gorgeous river, noteworthy residential and commercial architecture, sporting events. Trinity College is one of the nation’s top liberal arts schools. The University of Connecticut’s Law and Business schools are located in Hartford, too. A great blog post, detailing a number of Hartford’s positive attributes was posted in March:
That post doesn’t mention all the great events over the summer, like concerts in the parks and Real Art Ways’ bike rides through the city at night.
Perhaps you think Hartford is a pit because you never manage to get your lazy keister off of I-84 and into the city. Sure, the interstate isn’t our finest attribute, but is the Big Dig the best of Boston?
Come see for yourself; Hartford is a good place.

Your former listener,


Someone needs to call and complain!!!

About 21:45 min. in, “Car Talk” show #1043

[Caller is Maria from Stafford Springs, CT]

Tommy: Do you ever go into Hartford, that evil place?

Maria: Um…the least amount of time that I spend in Hartford, the better.

Tommy: Yeah. I mean I’ve been badmouthing Hartford for ages and no one ever complains. The mayor doesn’t call.

Maria: It’s got potential. It’s got potential.

Tommy: It doesn’t.  It’s a pit.