Reading ~ 2012

Last year I decided to keep a list of the books I read. I didn’t read too many, and forgot to write down several titles, so that was a bust. It is the beginning of a new year, I have a new journal for recording such things, and have therefore started the list again. I should note that none of this falls in the New Year Resolution category. It just so happens that dark and cold January is a good time for reading. In the journal I intend to just list the titles. Thought I might expand a bit more here.

The other day I started Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. I’m not too impressed yet, but am only on page 38. I bought this several months ago and it has just been sitting on the shelf. As I recall, I bought it because I liked the title. However, a cousin whose reading list I follow closely, didn’t give it the best review. That dissuaded me from starting it. Since I own it, it may not get as much time in the next few weeks.

This evening I went to the library and checked out two more books. I had heard of Precious Objects, by Alicia Oltuski, but somehow missed the part that it is non-fiction. I don’t know much about the diamond industry, so it is interesting so far. Non-fiction generally has to be very compelling to hold my interest, though.

Rounding out the stack is Sally Gunning’s The Rebellion of Jane Clarke. Some time in the past year or two my book group read one of Gunning’s other novels, The Widow’s War. I knew there was a sequel to Widow’s War, but Rebellion is not it. Bound is the one I actually wanted to read. Don’t think it was on the shelf, though. After two chapters, Jane seems like it should be a fairly easy read.

I’m a little disappointed that none of these has really grabbed me from the start. Time will tell how far I get. I also have reserved The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer.