Summer fun

Lately I have felt like writing, but haven’t had a topic I felt like sharing with the entire internet. So I came up with a project for the summer, thirteen book reviews. It’s going to be on a separate page because, well, I feel like doing it that way.

Over the past few months I have taken on new responsibilities at work, including purchasing all the non-fiction for Downtown. I am also paying far more attention to the new fiction entering the building (in part because the new books cart rests against my cubicle wall). Together, these factors have me reading more than I have for some time.

So, follow along if you like! I am also open to suggestions (it’s fine to leave comments here or on the other site). Whether your goal is to read, to bike, or to do anything else, I hope you enjoy the warmth and daylight this season!


Moving – this time without boxes

This time it’s just my blog that is moving. For several years now I have had my professional website in one location, and my blog here. I won’t bore you with the details, but I am combining the two over at I haven’t really decided yet whether I will leave the blog up for posterity. Regardless, I have copied all the content over to the new site. I wish I could promise that there will be exciting, regular updates on the new site,┬ábut my life (at least the parts I can post on the internet) is just not that interesting. Hope you will stop by from time to time, though, to see what is there.

Thanks for reading!