The Sky is Falling

Back in the day, when I was walking uphill both ways to Buttonball Lane Elementary, there was none of this closing-schools-the-night-before nonsense. I remember early dismissals when the snow began burying the playscape (it was wooden, too, not one of these modern plastic contraptions). After an overnight snowfall, we would anxiously await the list of late openings and closings, read by Bob Steele on AM 1080. (I’m currently processing his collection at the Hartford History Center. Yeah, he hated reading those.) We knew it was the real deal when Hilton Kaderli, on WFSB Channel 3, would put on a sweater and tell us we were in for a gollywhomper.

Times have changed. Productivity at workplaces around New England has been at a standstill for the past two days, and a single flake has yet to fall. Current Buttonball scholars have turned off their alarm clocks. Radio is about the last place anyone turns to for school (and every other organization you can think of) closings. You don’t need to; they are as close as your smartphone. Hilton has retired to Oklahoma. Channel 3 always had names for the storms, and now The Weather Channel is in on the action as well (I believe the networks are having a field day over this sort of storm during sweeps month).

Regardless of whether you are Team Charlotte (Channel 3) or Team Nemo (TWC), it does appear snow is on the way. Here at Cycling Archivist Enterprises, we will admit to a trip to the grocery store this morning. We were low on baking soda. Additionally, we have decided to document the storm. Below are our “before” photos, taken at Headquarters at approximately 12:30pm Thursday. Hopefully we will be able to take photos at regular intervals on Friday. We will see what sort of web Charlotte weaves, or whether we truly find Nemo during the Blizzard of 2013.

2013-02-07 12.32.04
Starting off with a fairly clean slate. Some snow remains in more shaded areas.
A handy measuring device
A handy measuring device

View from the porch:

The view to the north:

provisions_edited-13:30pm Update: Things are indeed turning white. When taking a walk earlier this afternoon (to the-building-formerly-known-as-Bazillions) for some cycling themed provisions, the sidewalks were covered but completely passable. The slushy streets were more slippery. We are slightly disappointed that the bulk of the snow will arrive overnight (we don’t wake up for photography), but are enjoying this project nonetheless.

9:30pm Update: I admit, it’s getting harder to go out there each hour!

10:30pm Update: So much snow came down in the last hour! Using the Official Cycling Archivist Measuring Tools, it appears we are at about 11 inches, with some higher drifts. I wanted to photograph the Measuring Tools in action, but I had had my fun with the wind.

11:30pm Update: Got a photo of the often imitated, never duplicated Official Cycling Archivist Measuring Stick. In the front yard of our World Headquarters, totals range from 14 to 18 inches.

Official Cycling Archivist Measuring Stick
Official Cycling Archivist Measuring Stick

2:00pm Saturday Update: The wind gusts are still pretty strong, but the return of the sunshine seems a good spot to end this series. The total accumulation appears to be about 24 inches here. Not too shabby. The road still hasn’t been plowed, but we will be patient. Many thanks to those who have told me they enjoyed this!

Measuring after the path has been cleared.
Measuring after the path has been cleared.

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  1. Adorable post. I, too, am a cycling archivist. Love how you connect current happenings with your work back at the archives. World Headquarters? Intriguing. @archiventures

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