On the twelfth day of Christmas, my Twitter gave to me…

Twelve Baby Animals!

Eleven #FridayFollows
(I realize it isn’t Friday, and unlike the other entries, this one is not meant to be entirely comical. I have written and re-written this entry, trying to highlight eleven people/writers/organizations with great things to share. I saw it as a way to thank them, or those who tweet for them, for being their awesome selves over the past year. However, how do I pick just 11, or 22 if I were to do a second set next time? This is what I came up with. Hopefully, you will see yourself below.)


for supporting this series, whether contributing a lunch or RTing it…for making me laugh (including enjoying a good hex joke)…for support via DM (including providing a way for me to watch olympic cycling)…for trusting me with your iPad…for inviting me to be a leader in the community (and invitations in general)…for being the only one tweeting from the firm’s garden level…for posting news and essays i look forward to reading…for discussing archives in the prepared food aisle…for knowing that slices come plain only…for joking about the connection between archives and velvet trousers…for waiting patiently for me to return your email


Ten abbr.

Nine tv spoilers

Eight political memes

Seven parody accounts

Six screaming sports fans


(there were five on the fifth day…saving space)

Fore Otto correct Thai Pose

Three royal retweets

I was going to do something on celebrities in general. Then this happened...
I was going to do something on celebrities in general. Then this happened…

Two weather whiners

And a photo of somebody’s lunch.

Courtesy of @rvr
Courtesy of @rvr