Bike to Work

I feel terrible that I have neglected to wish you all a Happy National Bike Month. There are several sites where you may learn about the month, including the League of American Bicyclists. Here in the Nutmeg State, Bike Walk Connecticut has several events you may attend. If you would like a little competition in your life, be sure to sign up for the National Bike Challenge.

This week has been designated Bike to Work Week,  and Friday will be Bike to Work Day. Though the forecast is subject to change, the Hartford area is currently on tap to have absolutely perfect Bike to Work Day weather. You have no excuse!

There are two bike to work requirements. Wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road. Other than that, everything is up to you. It doesn’t matter what type of bike you ride, the speed you choose, or the clothes you wear.

If these guys could ride to work circa 1910, you can certainly do it in 2012 (click to enlarge photo).

Bicyclists in front of the Old State House, Hartford, CT

Friendship II

I was amazed at the support I received after posting about Friendship a couple months ago. One friend even told me that another conversation, in another medium, was based partly on the post. Wow!

I have done a few things differently over the past two months. Another friend and I try to take a walk together once a week. We have been thwarted several times by our schedules and the weather, but if nothing else, it means we get in touch with each other weekly.

A third friend generously gave me tickets to an event recently. Knowing a blanket invitation to all of Twitter would not be fruitful, I emailed people individually until I found someone who could go with me. It ended up being a great evening with an old friend. She had never previously been to one of these events, but as we sat in our seats reading over the list of future events, she said, “These two sound neat. I’ll go with you if you’d like.” Awesome.

I still enjoy using social media, and am enormously grateful for the people I have met through it. I get so much more out of friendship, though, when I throw off the limitations of 140 characters.